About Us

Parking is annoying. Very annoying. And finding a parking spot only to find out that it’s cash only just when you didn’t bring any cash… that’s just cruel. Seeing this struggle for end-users and total lack of innovation in the industry, we decided to take on the status quo and bring parking payment to the 21st century.


From the very beginning, we designed the app to provide the absolute best, easiest, and most intuitive experience for the end-user. Speed and simplicity are key. Once they use Ypay, people just don’t go back to those clunky machines.


Our team thrives on innovation, which is why we’re so proud of being able to provide a unique and much-needed service that is simply not being offered in the parking industry today. Any organization that works with Ypay is putting its customers first by offering special deals and discounts. Plus, people remember an easy experience and a difficult one and will return to do business with the former, spreading good word-of-mouth along the way.